"Edward Kelly Sheet Metal, Inc was a breath of fresh air when it came to utilizing a contractor. Don and his team promptly returned my phone calls, patiently answered all my questions, and provided me with excellent service during the course of the project.   I will most definitely use Edward Kelly Sheet Metal, Inc for any future project and recommend you to do the same.”

Billerica, MA

"I spoke to Don Kelly today and thanked him for all his assistance in helping me undo a major mess that was left by the former contractor. Don assured me I was not his first customer needing assistance reworking a new system. He also hit the mark when he said the former contractor probably told me the system as installed was satisfactory. And that was exactly the point, the former contractor had reached his potential but below my satisfaction. Don loves his work and is very proud of his companie's history and longevity. I especially want to thank you for all your work and patience in allowing me to have input in solving some of the issues as they came up. Your plan and zoning has made our comfort a reality, thank you for the good work you do. What began in May of 2012 by another company was finalized in May of 2014 by a company of the highest standing. Thank you for allowing me to be a customer.”

Tewksbury, MA
     Office (978) 458-8313 |  don@edkellysheetmetal.com